GROUP BUY: Constellation: Nebula - Beta 1

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This is a group buy, The order will go in with the CM once 20 orders are placed. Estimated build time is 4-6 weeks from that date. Please only order this board with your order, or the rest of the shipment will be held.

Nebula, part of the Constellation board family, is a control board for Trad Rack, powered by the Raspberry Pi Pico board.


  • Same mechanical footprint as Supernova
  • Takes Pi Pico form factor MCU dev boards, BPP not currently compatible
  • 12V - 48V fused input (reverse polarity protected) (MF3)
  • 5V optional aux input (reverse polarity protected) (MF3)
  • 48V to 5V buck regulator on board that can drive the servos and pico
  • 2x StepStick slots (UART or SPI) (JST XH with holes for optional MF3)
  • 2x Polyfused 5V 1 amp servo outputs (JST XH)
  • 4x GPIO headers, all ESD protected, 3 with access to the ADC on the pico (JST XH)
  • 1x JST XH 5V out header (meant for fans or whatever you want)
  • Standard EXP 1 and 2 headers for a mini oled screen (if you want)


  • This is an beta board, buy purchasing, you understand that what you receive may not be fully functional. We will hold all inventory until it is evaluated to be as functional as possible, and modify if required before shipping to end users. We will make an effort to deliver as functional of a product as possible. This being said, these boards are basically being sold at cost.
  • RP2040 chips are B2 stepping revision
  • PCBs are purple in color
  • Product is manufactured by a contract manufacturer. Board is 2oz copper