K1 - Functional FDM Parts Kit

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Project Masherbrum (K1 for short) is a Medium Format, Direct Drive, Fully Enclosed FDM Printer.
- Fully Enclosed Design
- 2020, and 2040 Frame Members
- Insulated Build Chamber (Not Heated)
- Build Volumes of ~200^3 to 500^3 (use of whole plate available) + additional area to purge and wipe
     - Z can theoretically be 1m tall, just not fully supported or tested
- Direct Drive Extruder (Sherpa Mini or Ascender)
- Shortest Belt Paths Possible, 4 Motors, 2 Per X, 2 Per Y Axis
- Moving Gantry, Fixed Bed
- MGN12C Rails for XYZ Stationary Rails
- MGN12C Rails with 1515 Backers for XY Cross (Moving Members)
- 12mm Belts on XY Motion 
- 15mm 3HTD Belts with 60:1 Worm Drive on Z to lift the Gantry
- Heavy Duty Bearings
- NEMA17 Motors XYZ
- Fysetc S6 or Spider Controllers with Klipper Supported
- Mosquito Style Hot End Standard, Dragon Style Hot End Supported
- 24V Power Standard
- Mains Bed
Includes only the printed FDM parts for the the entire machine (4z setup), except the following:
 - Panel Clips and Locks
 - Printer Foot and Associated Mounting Bracket
 - Filament Presence Detection Switch
 - Electronics Box Corners (unless chosen)