K3 - Functional FDM Parts Kit

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Project K3 is a Small Format, Direct Drive, Fully Enclosed or Open Air FDM Printer.
Project Goals:
- Fully Enclosed Design or Open Air
- 2020 Frame Members
- Build Volume of ~180^3 mm
- Direct Drive Extruder (Sherpa, Folded Ascender)
- Shortest Belt Paths Possible, 4 Motors, 2 Per X, 2 Per Y Axis
- Moving Bed
- MGN9 Rails (XYZ and Cross)
- 9mm Belts on XY, 9mm Belts (recommended) or T12x2 Screws to Lift Z
- Maxwell Coupling on Bed Frame
- NEMA17 Motors XYZ
- LDO Stepper Motors (Optional but Recommended)
- Minimal Printed Parts (ABS/ASA Required)
- 32 bit controller standard (Single Fysetc Spider, or Fysetc S6 with expander) - Klipper Highly Recommended
- 24V Power Standard, 48V Power Optional via the ANNEX Constellation Series of Boards
- AC Heated Bed, MIC6 Plate with Magnetic Build Surface
- Supports many hotends
Includes only the printed FDM parts for the the entire machine, except the following:
 - Any Extra Items, Unless Selected
 - Printer Foot and Associated Mounting Bracket
 - Filament Presence Detection Switch
 - WAGO mounts