Ice Screw with Black Pill Controller Board

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A Single Black Pill Controller Board with a Ice Screw Adapter Board.

This is intended to be a "upgrade" to a RP2040 on a Supernova, Sirius, or Nebula controller board, allowing boards to easily run at 128ms and in some configurations 256ms.

This is currently considered experimental at this time, but is showing great promise. However, this is still a beta and your mileage may vary


  • maintains the RP2040 pinout we know and love
  • 128ms on 4 motors easily possible
  • 240mhz clock speed
  • USB-C!

Board comes pre-flashed with support for the "latest" klipper version, as changes have not currently been merged.

Ice Screw revision is currently 1.0


Github: Click Me