Carabiner Wiring Harness - Custom Length - Kit

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Put the exact length required in the notes section of the order, or you will receive the max length listed

This is a kit to build a harness to connect two carabiner type boards together. Crimping and assembly on your part is required.

Select the appropriate option for your length, then put the actual length you want in the order notes. Max length is 3 meters. Length of wire is +/- 5 mm per conductor, per meter of length of cable.

This cable will not be "usb compatible" like the off the shelf assembled cable, we cannot twist the cables such that it is an "impedance matched pair" with our equipment.

Includes the following

- 16 conductors of black 22awg wire, motion rated. Ends are pre-stripped

- 32 microfit pins

- 2 16 pin microfit housings

- 1 piece of sleeving, minus 100mm from your selected harness length

- 2 pieces of heatshrink